You Gotta Know: Arianna Carmona

You Gotta Know: Arianna Carmona

Photo by Eric Norrbom

Arianna Carmona is a rad skater from Buena Park, California. You may have seen her tearing it up at this year's Dew Tour or even lately on Instagram sessioning with the legend himself, Tony Hawk. Aside from a being a badass, she's super sweet and funny and for that reason she is GEO's very first "You Gotta Know"! 

GEO: You were epic at Dew Tour this year! Do you ever get nervous with the cameras all on you?

Arianna: I don’t! I’ve been competing for a while so I’m pretty used to the cameras. The only time it’s a little awkward is when they film you after your run to get your reaction to your score. Sometimes they film a little too long 😂

GEO: What part of the human face is your favorite?

Arianna: I think it’s definitely the mouth/teeth. I really like when people have a nice smile, and it’s the main way to express joy!

GEO: What vegetable or fruit describes you the best and why?

Arianna: I’ve never really thought of this before lol. My first thought was maybe something in the citrus family, but upon further self reflection I think I’d be a mango. I can be pretty tough on the outside, but on the inside I’m also sweet. Plus if you add tajin then you get some spicy-ness.

GEO: What is the best type of food to eat while skating?  Like actually skating and eating.

Arianna: Probably a popsicle because it’s easy to hold in your hand, and can easily be switched between hands if needed.

GEO: Who or what inspired you to pick up a skateboard for the first time?

Arianna: My older sister used to skate and so did my mom and aunt so I learned when I was pretty young. I also used to have some cousins that skated when I was younger, so it’s always been around.

GEO: What was it like skating with the Birdman himself, Tony Hawk?!

Arianna: It was so much fun! He’s usually around at contests hanging out, but that was my first time actually sessioning with him and it was so sick. He does everything so effortlessly it’s insane.

GEO: What is more important, dope threads or dope treads?

Arianna: Oooh that’s a hard one. Probably threads, because I feel like people pay more attention to the actual clothes rather than shoes. Don’t get me wrong I know there’s a lot of sneaker heads out there, but I think a solid outfit is better.

GEO: We want your music recs. What is your fave bop right now?

Arianna: Ah man this is a tough one😂 my music taste is so all over the place. I’ll honestly listen to anything but country (no offense to the country lovers but personally I can’t do it) I’m a really big Post Malone fan, but I also love Blink- 182 and MGK. I also really like Bad Bunny. I think my fave song right now is title track from MGK’s Tickets To My Downfall album. Such a bop.

GEO: Thanks Arianna!!!!

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You can follow Arianna on Instagram  @flying_arianna 

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