YOU GOTTA KNOW: Booboo Stewart

YOU GOTTA KNOW: Booboo Stewart

Booboo is pictured above wearing the GEO + Booboo Stewart Trash Can Cowboy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy (Want a free sticker pack? Send your t-shirt receipt to GEOFAM@GEO-SKATE.SHOP and we will send you one!!!) 

GEO & Boobooo go way back. Whether it's dancing at a GEO party or painting at our fREE THE STrEETS skate meetups, Booboo has been there and always brought the vibes. Around this time last year, Booboo approached GEO about painting a piece inspired by our logo. Soon the Trash Can Cowboy was born! It made its way onto a beautiful light purple tee and quickly became GEO's iconic flagship piece worn by skaters and rad people all around the world. It even raised $10,000 for charity during the pandemic! Cool huh? We wanted to get back with Booboo and see what's been up to in his talented world of painting, acting and music-making. That's why this week, You Gotta Know Booboo Stewart!


GEO: Your painting has incredibly vibrant colors and signature elements. How would you describe your style?

Booboo: So I used to never work with color. A bit ago my friend and I got infatuated with street art. I loved the textures and colors. That really opened the door for me to explore. Lately I've been working on something called the Tablets. They're surfaces that I fill with words. Endlessly writing, thought after thought.

GEO: We heard a rumor that you are a fan of early 2000’s rap and r’n’b. Give us a throwback bop to jam to!

Booboo: Oh yes! Definitely, a song that's always a jam is "Into You" by Fabolous ft. Tamia


GEO: You are creative and talented in many different ways from painting to acting to music. What do you personally get out of each of them? Are they rewarding and fulfilling in different ways? 

Booboo: Thank you,, For painting I love the fact that I can just grab a canvas, some paints and get to work, you don't need anything or anyone else to create in that realm. It also puts me into a kind of meditative state. For acting, complete opposite from my painting answer but I love the collaborative experience. Building upon ideas, each person having a job that in the end makes this epic art piece. I love digging into characters and finding the life of the person I'm portraying. For music I love that we can just add jams to the world. Music is interesting, unlike any other art form it can change your state of mind in two and a half minutes, sometimes even quicker. I love that.

GEO: If a UFO landed in front of you and asked you to come aboard. Would you go? 

Booboo: Oh heck yes. I'm extremely into the ET. I'm actually starting an Alien Night group hang out. 

GEO: You’ve been a part of the GEO Fam since the very beginning and have painted at several fREE THE STrEETS skate events. What is it about GEO and its community that you dig?

Booboo: I love the freedom that GEO represents. The energy is always so electric and present. I feel like anything could happen at a GEO event, I love that. It wouldn't surprise me if an alien came down to celebrate with us.

GEO: You created the very first GEO t-shirt ever which is the Trash Can Cowboy!!! How does it feel to see that t-shirt worn by skaters and people around the world and now being sold in Tillys?!

Booboo: It feels amazing. My mom worked at Tillys when she was a teenager, I grew up going to Tillys. Now to have a design in the store is just outrageous.

GEO: Your cowboy character appears in a lot of your pieces. Where did he come from?! What’s his story?

Booboo: I grew up on a ranch, I have an amazing horse named RimRock and I defiantly have worn my share of cowboy hats and boots. So growing up there always was a big western influence. My dad used to always have westerns on the TV. He actually still does. I used to sit there and think that these movies were so slow haha. But now its one of my favorite genres.

GEO: Are you a gatherer or a hunter?

Booboo: Ooo good question. If I lived where I had to do so, I'd be a hunter. 

GEO: We have been jamming to the new single “Talk Like That” by your band, That Band Honey! Tell us about the song!

Booboo: Thank you so much, we are so happy with it. Such a throw back sound, we love making music that makes people feel good. Best if listened to while driving with your windows down haha.


GEO: You have some really rad ink. Which is your favorite tattoo and what’s the story behind it?

Booboo: My favorite tattoo would be my Kamas. They're on the back of my left arm. I just got them recently. When I completed in karate I used the Kamas as my weapon, so they hold a special place. 

GEO: Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

Booboo: It's hard to say. I think something that is really interesting is, as you get older you start to see your parents, as your parents of course but also as people who have lived extremely colorful lives.  I really love learning more about them and hearing their crazy stories. As I get older my parents continue to get more and more interesting.

GEO: Knowing you personally, we know you love getting outdoors, at your ranch and beyond.  How does that affect your artistic vibes?

Booboo: It clears your head. It allows you to have space for creative thinking. I think it's very important to make space in your head for creativity to live.

GEO: What would your best day ever look to you?

Booboo: First thing is grabbing coffee and donuts and off to the Establo (my art studio). Next I'd catch lunch and a movie with my family. After that I'd make time to just relax, maybe read. Lastly I'd go dancing with my friends. 


GEO: Thanks Booboo!!


Booboo is pictured above wearing the GEO + Booboo Stewart Trash Can Cowboy Tee. Now available at TillysClick here to buy 

(Want a free sticker pack? Send your t-shirt receipt to GEOFAM@GEO-SKATE.SHOP and we will send you one!!!) 

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