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From Riverside, California Brenda Tran is a real one and has been a close friend of GEO's since the very very beginning. She is authentic, kind, loved by many and just an all-round badass. That's why this week You Gotta Know Brenda Tran!

GEO: If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would you choose and why?

Brenda: 4EVER by Clairo because ITS JUST THE JAM I have had multiple occasions where I’m super drunk and knocked out and my close peeps know to put this song on to get me alive and singing again no matter how much I’ve thrown up!!

GEO: What or who inspired you to start skating?

Brenda: I always thought it was dope, anyone who I’ve ever seen skate has contributed to me wanting to learn. In high school I had a sort of spiritual awakening where I was overcoming my fears and just learning to go for things! Asked my step dad to take me to a shop to get a board and it’s been all up from there. 

GEO: What’s the skate scene like in Riverside, California where you’re from?

Brenda: Hmmm skate scene in inland empire is dope, you can run into peeps from neighboring cities if you hop around alot. Tons of dope pros are from there. Theres cool spots like T street ditch and UCR that are pretty popular and everyone kinda knows and supports each other lowkey. 

GEO: You’ve been coming to GEO’s fREE THE STrEETS skate meetups since the very first one! What do you think is so special about the sense of community in skateboarding?

Brenda: Man it makes you feel so connected knowing there are others who are into the same thing as you and get just as hyped up and know what its like.

GEO: What’s your favorite way to hype a friend after they land a trick? 

Brenda: I just can’t help but make some sort of noise..Depends on just how hyped I am haha

GEO: You’re also extremely musical. Can we expect an official release sometime soon?!

Brenda: I worked on a demo with a friend from Russia which I believe should be dropping this month! Hope to work more often!! I’m just much more likely to spend my time skating

GEO: When did you start skating? What do you know now that you wish you could tell yourself when you were starting out?

Brenda: I started learning how to push and ride around back in 2015! And honestly nothing, the whole process is you going through it and learning along the way!! I wouldn’t change a single part of my journey. 

GEO: Cereal or soup?

Brenda: Probably cereal but this question made me want pho rn

GEO: You’re always rockin’ the dopest steeze when you skate. What inspires your style?

Brenda: Aww shucks thanks so much Hmmm, I don’t really try to emulate any particular style i just like staying true and authentic to myself and sometimes it ends up not making much sense but at the same time makes it kinda creative, I also like basing fits off of color schemes that I see or like.

GEO: What does the word “family” mean to you?

Brenda: Definitely means people who you feel comfortable with and seen and loved by no matter what! Not limited by blood that’s for sure.

GEO: Thanks Brenda!!


Brenda is pictured above wearing the GEO Bat Smiley. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

You can follow Brenda on Instagram @how_dreadful

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