You Gotta Know: Grace Marhoefer

You Gotta Know: Grace Marhoefer

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Hailing from Cocoa Beach Florida, Grace Marhoefer started skating the moment she saw a neighbor skateboarding in her driveway. She immediately signed up for a skate camp and never looked back. She's battled some pretty rough injuries in her time but has overcome them all motivated simply by her love for skateboarding. In 2021 she made the finals at the 2021 USA Skateboarding National Championships. You may have also seen her this year at Dew Tour, Tony Hawk's Vert Alert and the X-Games. Last but certainly not least, she's going to be this week's special guest mentor at GEO's weekly FAMbassador meeting which we are so stoked about!!! That's why this week You Gotta Know: Grace Marhoefer!


GEO: You're from Cocoa Beach, Florida. Tell us a fun fact or two about your hometown! 

Grace: Kelly slater is from Cocoa Beach & Cocoa beach is right next to cape Canaveral, so I technically can watch the rockets from my house. 

GEO: How long do you think you'd survive in a Zombie apocalypse?

Grace: I would say long time because of all the post-apocalyptic movies I watch and the fact that I drive a big ol' truck with big ol' tires. 

GEO: We love watching you eggplant. What tips would you give someone trying that trick for the first time?

Grace: First, you have to be able to bench 205. Then once you meet that requirement you should be able to do it first try. Joking, don’t think about it and flip yourself on to the coping. 
GEO: If you could make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?
Grace: Compliment one stranger.
GEO: It was so dope watching you at this year's X-games, Dew Tour and Tony Hawk's Vert Alert. Do you ever get nervous at competitions or is it all just good vibes and fun?
Grace: I get nervous leading up to the contest but I always try to tell my self to have fun, and that makes it a lot easier. 

GEO: If you had to pick one person, who has been your biggest skateboarding mentor since you started?

Grace:  Probably Fabiana Delfino. I grew up skating with her, and we would push each other at the local contest. Now she is one of the most talented and respected girl skaters in the world. Which is a huge inspiration. 
GEO: What is the biggest struggle you have had to overcome or might still be battling?
Grace: I would say that my tearing my ACL, MCL, and meniscus twice, and having several surgeries. I was out for two years, and in that time I struggled with whether or not I wanted to keep skating and risk another injury. That made me appreciate how much I love skateboarding. 
GEO:  Would you rather time travel to the past or future and why?

Grace: I would wanna travel to the future to see if people ever populate other planets. Kinda like Futurama :)

GEO: Name the last movie you watched!
Grace: Chasing Amy
GEO:  You have been very much at the center of the women's skateboarding revolution along with some seriously rad skaters. What would you like to see happen in skateboarding to make it more welcoming to young people especially girls?
Grace: I think more female owned skate brands would be sick. I wish there were more when I was growing up. 
GEO: Preach! Thanks Grace!
You can follow Grace on Instagram @gracemarhoefer
Grace is pictured above wearing the Sheriff Robbie UFO Party Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy
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