You Gotta Know: Haley Crittenden

You Gotta Know: Haley Crittenden

Haley is pictured above wearing the Trash Can Cowboy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

We first got to know Haley through our FAMbassador head Lindsey (aka General Lindz). It was obvious that the two of them shared an awesome bond and their rad friendship and support of one another at the skatepark was inspiring. After chatting it up on Instagram for quite some time, we finally met Haley in person at the most recent GEO: fREE THE STrEETS skate meetup. She rocked up with the dopest attitude, helping out wherever she could, taking some sweet photos and squeezed in some shredding of course. She's a true team player with a heart of gold and that's why this week You Gotta Know: Haley Crittenden. 


Firstly, a belated Happy Birthday Haley!!! What did you do to celebrate yesterday?
Boy was this year packed with fun stuff!! My sister and I are two years and a day apart, so her birthday was Monday, August 30th and mine was yesterday, August 31st. This year we started our celebrations on Friday at a country bar, which I was not a fan of, but it was mostly for my sister. Then on Saturday we had a “Beerlympics” where we invited a bunch of people over and had teams. The theme was duets, so it was two per team and we had to match our partners, of course my sister and I were partners and we wore Miller lite shirts. Then we played a bunch of party games like beer pong and rage cage and a beer hunt. We won gold :) Then Sunday we had a brunch cruise on the bay with a couple friends and a Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day concert. On Monday I slept until 3pm and then skated, then had pizza with my sister. Yesterday, on my actual birthday, Lindsey and I woke up early and went to the skatepark where she wrote happy birthday everywhere. Then I went to watch the bad surf, relax, and ended the day with family dinner. Mine and my sisters birthdays were a total of 5 days this year, I’m tired hahahaha.
When you're not at the skatepark, one might find you working at Tillys! What do you like about working there? 
Gosh, honestly it’s all the different smiles I see in a day. During covid it was hard not seeing them, but I've gotten to know what happy eyes look like now. I also love the random conversations with customers. Sometimes I find that I have a lot of things in common with the shoppers, mostly the kids who are in between the kids and adult sizes, moms are always thankful I’m also in that size range because I can give them my opinions. (I’m a boys 20 or a men’s 28 with a shoe string as my belt for pants ;)
What tips would you give to someone visiting a skatepark for the first time?
Go with a friend, it’s so much easier to learn with support and help behind ya. I’m lucky enough to have had some great friends that help me through my process. And don’t be afraid to fall!!!! Man that’s part of the game, dust off the pads and get some redemption, you got it!!! And I’ll be there to cheer you on whether you land it or not :)
What's your cure for hiccups?
Well magicians are never supposed to reveal their secrets, but maybe I will just this once. It’s all in the power of distraction. The instant you hear a hiccup ask some random, out of the blue question. My go to are “what’s the color of salt, pepper and the sky, or your favorite color.” It can’t have anything to do with what you’re talking about.
You were on the very first GEO FAMbassadors to join the FAM! Tell us what inspired you to get involved? How's it all going?
Truthfully, what inspired me was how much you guys hyped up my good friends skating, and how you’ve brought her in as family. Your welcoming vibe and good energy drew me in. Um and FAMTASTIC!!!! I love meeting new FAMbassadors!! Lindsey and I actually just skated with a fellow fam on Monday, she drove down from LA, which was super rad!! I’m excited for this weeks zoom party!! I get to meet new more new people!!!
What's the funniest joke you know?
It’s called the purple cloud joke, it’s long and could get confusing so bare with me:
Trash Can Cowboy, Pea-head and Pot-head all went to heaven and there was one rule, not to step on the purple cloud. One day, Trash Can Cowboy and Pea-head were sitting on a cloud (a normal one) and Pot-head comes up with some really ugly person. So Pea-head asks “What happened?” and Pothead said “I stepped on the purple cloud.”
The next day, Pot-head and Pea-head were sitting on a cloud and Trash Can Cowboy walks up with a really ugly person. So Pot-Head asks “What happened?” and Trash Can Cowboy said “I stepped on the purple cloud.”
The next day, Trash Can Cowboy and Pot-head were sitting on a cloud and Pea-head walks up with some beautiful, super attractive person, So Trash Can Cowboy asks “What happened?” and before Pea-head could say anything, their partner said “I stepped on the purple cloud.”
(I’m sorry Pea-head, I love you)
What's your fave GEO tee and why?
Trash Can Cowboy!!!! I love the purple!! But Pot-head Lost at Sea is a close second for sure. 
What songs hit you with a wave of nostalgia / memories every time you hear them?
Corners of the Earth by Odesza is my all time, die hard, favorite song. It will put me at ease no matter what mood I am in.
We saw you nailing kickflips last week. How does it feel?
I. Have. No. Words! I have literally been trying for a year!!! Not one!! And then finally I land one and every day since, I’ve landed at least one. I still can’t believe it. My hard work has finally paid off!!
What goal do you think humanity is not focussed enough on achieving?
Loving one another and understanding that people have things going on in their lives that we aren’t aware of. It really isn’t that hard to have your first words to someone be kind. I find love in everything. In plants, rocks, a wooden table. Nothing would be on this planet without the input of love, no matter what you believe in. Effort is love in my opinion. And it’s not that hard to put a little effort into something and love it.
You can follow Haley on Instagram @hales6_
Haley is pictured above wearing the Trash Can cowboy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

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