You Gotta Know: Kristen Cotter

You Gotta Know: Kristen Cotter

Kristen is pictured above wearing the Atta Boy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy


Kristen Grace Cotter is one dope operator. We first met last year when she came to GEO's Halloween themed fREE THE STrEETS and we became quick friends. Kristen works for B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) an incredible non-profit organization that GEO has been partnered with for almost a year now. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month being this month, Kristen joined us to tell us about all the awesome work B4BC do and some of the rad things they have planned for October. That's why this week You Gotta Know: Kristen Cotter!


GEO: Wadup Kristen! How has your 2021 been so far?

Kristen: What's up GEOFAM?! My 2021 has been pretty awesome! I've gone on lots of adventures and done a ton of skating. I can't complain.

GEO: We first met you when you came to our Halloween themed fREE THE STrEETS last year! Are you dressing up this year and if so, what as?

Kristen: Yes - I LOVE dressing up! This year I'll probably be something spooky and really get in the Halloween spirit.

GEO: Your fave bop comes on, what is it and what is your signature dance move?

Kristen: My go-to move has to be the worm. It's a crowd pleaser for sure.

GEO: You work closely with an amazing organization and GEO partner, B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer). Can you share some more info and awesomeness on B4BC and what it's all about?

Kristen: Absolutely, B4BC is so grateful to have awesome partners like GEO! Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) is a non-profit that promotes living an active, healthy lifestyle, educates the community on detecting & preventing breast cancer, and provides support to those affected by breast cancer. B4BC's retreats are truly life-changing for women who have dealt with breast cancer - providing people with a community to lean on as well as resources for navigating life as a survivor. B4BC also does community outreach events year-round! Make sure to follow @B4BC on Instagram for updates!

GEO: With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up in October, we know you’ve got a lot planned! What’s on the cards and how can people get involved?

Kristen: There are SO many ways to get involved with B4BC like volunteering at or participating in events, creating a fundraising page, or attending a virtual workout class. This month we've got one of our biggest events of the year - Skate the Coast! It's a 19-mile group skate, bike, or roll on the coast of Southern California (or wherever you are if you want to take part virtually). Anyone can create a fundraising page for the event and share it out to friends and family. We always give out prizes to top fundraisers and teams, whether they're participating in person or virtually! Check out for all the exciting stuff we're doing!

GEO: In your opinion, why do you think skateboarding and board sports are a great way of sharing the B4BC message, awareness and education?

Kristen: People who are interested in skateboarding and board sports are already living the active, healthy lifestyle that B4BC promotes. Our athlete ambassadors who support our mission also really help to make breast cancer education and prevention an approachable topic. Board sports have such a diverse audience, which is really important when you're trying to spread information. We get to talk to people of all ages and experiences, which means that our events are making a difference in the community. We incorporate getting active and outdoors into all of our events, especially our breast cancer survivorship retreats which use board sports as medicine (along with healthy eating, meditation, and more). 

GEO: Walk us through the worst skateboarding slam you've ever had?

Kristen: Oh wow.... where do I start? One thing about me is that I fall ALL the time. VERY dramatically. I think my worst but also my funniest slam has got to be the first time I tried to drop in by myself. The mini ramp was maybe 1 foot tall and I was super confident after doing it a few times with help. I hesitated for like 10 seconds with my feet in place, fidgeting around with my helmet. And then I finally decide I'm ready to go and I put my front foot down but did not lean forward at all.... we know how this story ends. I fell back on my hip and ended up in a full splat on the ground. My entire hip was bruised for a couple months. I didn't learn how to drop in for another year after all that. 

GEO: If you were to invent a brand new type of food, what would it taste like?

Kristen: Definitely something with the perfect salty to sweet ratio. It's gotta have a softer texture than a chocolate covered pretzel. I'm thinking... texture of a chocolate covered churro, but it's salty instead of sweet on the inside.

GEO: What is the one thing you absolutely refuse to share?

Kristen: Nerds rope! Sorry, I cannot share.

GEO: What advice would you give younger skaters who are looking for ways to be part of the community?

Kristen: Don't be afraid to react to cool stuff happening around you at skate parks! I've made so many friends after giving someone a compliment on a trick or asking a question about something I thought was cool. It can be a little weird at first, but it creates great energy at the session. I used to be really intimidated at skate parks but I realized that if I have a supportive attitude then people will support me back.

GEO: Thank you Kristen!

Kristen: Thanks!! Beyond stoked to be part of the GEO fam! 

You can follow Kristen on Instagram @cotterbox
Kristen is pictured above wearing the Atta Boy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy
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