YOU GOTTA KNOW: Lindsey Price

YOU GOTTA KNOW: Lindsey Price

Lindsey is pictured above wearing the GEO Atta Boy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

Hailing from San Diego, California, Lindsey Price is one skateboarding energetic ray of sunshine who recently officially joined the GEO Fam as the General of the FAMbassadors! You'll be seeing a lot more of her soon so we wanted you to get to know her a little better starting here first. That's why this week You Gotta Know Lindsey Price!

GEO: What would you do if you found a penguin in your freezer? (Alive, of course)

Lindsey: You know, this is something that you don’t think would happen until you find yourself face to face with a penguin who is residing in your freezer and honestly, if it’s alive I would assume it's hungry. My brain might be switching between options of keeping it and raising it (I think my spare bedroom could use another freezer anyways), calling animal control, or interrogating my roommates for why and how long has this penguin been in our freezer, but first, I’d probably feed it.

GEO: You are now the General of the GEO FAMbassadors!! Tell us about the FAMbassadors and what your plans are!

Lindsey: Thank you! I’m super stoked to be the general of the GEO FAMbassadors! GEO has lots of new things coming, but I think we are all very eager and excited to introduce a lineup of amazing and talented FAMbassadors. I think ultimately, between the FAMbassadors, the number one goal is to get the community involved in our mission to create and build a better skateboard culture. I am really excited to bring lots of smiling people together, in order to make this possible. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of opportunities to get involved!

GEO: How can someone help out in GEO’s female forward mission to create a better skateboard culture?

Lindsey: GEO is an all inclusive skateboarding and clothing company, so we want to hear from you! It takes a village and we are asking for help from what we know as our village, the skateboarding community. GEO recently began working with Tilly’, so this is an awesome way to grab some gear, show your friends, tell them about GEO’s mission and tag us in your posts! GEO also throws skate meetups called “Free The Streets,” this is an awesome chance to get together with people who are like-minded and focused on building a better culture around skateboarding.

GEO: Who has had the greatest influence on your skateboarding?

Lindsey: When I first started skating, it was just some friends around me that
influenced me to get on a board, but it quickly turned into this mind game of testing my own limits, breaking through mental barriers and pushing my fun scale. I’ve never really been into the pro’s, don’t get me wrong I think they are really really rad but I'd rather watch all my mutuals on social media and local skaters tear it up. That type of stuff really makes me want to get out THERE!!!

GEO: Did you like going to school growing up?

Lindsey: I did! I don’t think I started having other feelings towards school until maybe sophomore year of high school and even then, I just wanted to be done, I didn’t dislike it. I think I enjoyed school when I was growing up because you get to be with your friends all day. There’s something special about eating lunch and having recess with your friends every day.

GEO: How would you describe your local scene?

Lindsey: I live in San Diego about 15 minutes from Pacific Beach so I’m gonna use PB as my local scene because I lived there for 10 years before moving where I am now. PB is a rad place, its home to a younger crowd but it’s got its fair share of children and families throughout the neighborhoods. PB is very localized and you’ll see the same faces over and over while stopping at the same ice cream place, Frosties. We’ve got a place called ‘rock spot,’ a very local hangout for people of all ages to skateboard a set up of rocks that are on the boardwalk down by the pier and another staple includes our skate shops, Pacific Drive and Soul Grind.

GEO: What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

Lindsey: I laugh really hard at least once a day, but I think the funniest thing that happened recently has to do with my cat. I have indoor houseplants (yes, this already sounds like a problem, cats & houseplants aren’t a good mix,) but the cats were playing together and I heard a loud noise from my bedroom so I ran into the living room and see my cat running around while the other cats are staring at him looking so freaked out. It took like a minute before I realized that he had ran through the houseplant and had a sticky gnat trap stuck to his fuzzy fuzzy tail. Luckily, it came out easily, but my cats make me laugh so hard sometimes.

GEO: Whats more important to you in skateboarding? Style or size of
someone’s bag if tricks?

Lindsey: I think this is very personal for each skater, but I think I prefer a bag of tricks over style and I know for a fact, a lot of people would disagree, but hear me out. Some people may never be able to change the way that they look while they skate, but they can forever learn new tricks and I think that’s valuable. If you’ve got good style, you’ve got a one up on those who don’t but if you can’t beat me in a game of skate, it’s hard for me to compliment how fancy your tricks look,

GEO: You are a super nice and happy person! How do you keep yourself
positive in the face of life’s twists and turns?

Lindsey: Thank you! Easier said than done, but I work on myself and my thought processes every single day. Thinking is a behavior and something you have a vast amount of control over. In order to keep myself positive in the face of life’s twists and turns, I try to think about how this scenario could affect me in a good way. Not all situations are easy to do this with, but if you can find one thing on how this will affect you positively, then you are on the right step to acknowledging that this is a part of life. The highs won’t feel so high without the lows feeling low. Thats one of my mottos.

GEO: What fictional character do you identify with the most and why?

Lindsey: I feel like I don’t watch enough movies or TV shows in order to answer this question, but probably Peggy Olson from Mad Men. She’s smart and ambitious, she takes no nonsense, will work herself crazy, but then she’s ready for fun!

GEO: Is there any cool deals going on with GEO at the moment?

Lindsey: Yes!! When you buy any tee from the Tilly’s website make sure you DM us the receipt and we will send you a free sticker pack and will enter you into a weekly raffle for a free GEO deck + grip!!


Lindsey is pictured above wearing the GEO Atta Boy Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

You can follow Lindsey  on Instagram @lindsk8z

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