You Gotta Know: Megan Andersen

You Gotta Know: Megan Andersen

Megan is pictured above wearing the GEO Bat Smiley Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy


Skateboarding and art have always gone firmly hand in hand and their influence on each other over the years has been nothing short of revolutionary. Megan Andersen is an artist and skater who is very much on a mission to continue the marriage between the two doing exactly that with her "Sincerely Skateboarding" coloring book series. When Megan approached GEO to do a skate coloring book inspired by our fREE THE STrEETS meetups, we absolutely jumped at the chance. What resulted was a super sick creation showcasing epic scenes and moments that as Megan says, will now live forever in this coloring book! We're so excited to release it but for now You Gotta Know: Megan Andersen!!


GEO: Wadup Megan?! We heard your in NYC right now. What’s the plan while you’re in the big apple?

Megan: Hey GEO fam! This is the first time I’ve come out to New York since I was 13. I’m looking forward to skating and seeing “The Starry Night” by Vincent Vangogh at the MoMa.

GEO: We are so stoked to release our  coloring book collab with you tomorrow?!  We’re siked that it’s based on our fREE THE STrEETS skate meetups. Where did you get the inspo to start making the coloring books? Tell us a bit about the fREE THE STrEETS coloring book! 

Megan: The idea came from my friend Hex during COVID when discussing ways to make money with my art. However, it’s become more than that. I enjoy creating time capsules of my favorite skaters, spots, or moments. That is why I am so excited for my collab with fREE THE STrEETS. There are so many rad people and moments that are now preserved in a coloring book!

GEO:  Aliens or dinosaurs?

Megan: Aliens, duh.
GEO: You and your friends have taken a couple epic skate strips in your time. What’s been your fave and why?
Megan: The most epic trip was when Kaylee, Brenda, Kendra, and I all went to San Francisco. Kaylee met Dani for the first time at SOMA. We skated all day. Then her group bought a hotel in the same building as us and we partied all night.
GEO:  What is the weirdest food combo that you enjoy?

Megan: Takis and string cheese.

GEO:  We love the music you pick for your skate edits. How do you go about picking the perfect tune for the clips?

Megan: My music is based mostly off how I am feeling. Some days are deeper than others.
GEO: What social stigma should society get over?
Megan: There are so many. I feel stigmas that affect me personally revolve around the “ideal” way a woman should behave. I’m so different from how my family and the society around me raised me to dress, act, and like.
GEO: In your opinion, how does art influence skateboarding and how does skateboarding influence art?

Megan: They are both creative outlets and they merge in so many ways. Anywhere from creating a board graphic to having an art show featuring skateable objects, like Professional skateboarder Chad Muska.

GEO: What was the last text message you sent?
Megan: “Just check my Instagram story” to the family group chat.
You can follow Megan on Instagram @luvv_juju
Megan is pictured above wearing the GEO Bat Smiley Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy
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