You Gotta Know: Nyimas Bunga Cinta

You Gotta Know: Nyimas Bunga Cinta

Nyimas is pictured above wearing the GEO Sheriff Robbie UFO Party Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy

Nyimas skated her way into GEO's heart earlier this year when friends of our's said we had to check her out! What we found was a badass 15 year old skater tearing up the streets and skate parks of Jakarta, Indonesia. She then made her way stateside for Dew Tour where she continued to grow her legion of supporters while making friends with some of skateboarding's top dogs! You can catch her on IG shredding and listening to heavy metal music while rocking the biggest of smiles and spreading nothing but good vibes. That's why this week, You Gotta Know: Nyimas Bunga Cinta!!!

GEO: You recently were here in the states skating at Dew Tour. What was your favorite part?

Nyimas: Being able to be part of Dew Tour was amazing and my favorite part was meeting friends from all over the world especially the pro skaters.

GEO: We heard initially aspired to become a doctor. Why did you decide to pursue a professional career in skateboarding instead?

Nyimas: I decided it because I’m aware that my academic is not as good as my skateboarding.

GEO: You became the youngest medallist when you were age 12 at the Asian Games when you won bronze in the women’s street event. Describe the feeling you had in that moment!

Nyimas: That feeling was beyond any words, and it was the same day of my mom’s birthday also. So it was an epic moment.  

GEO: What is the skating scene like in Jakarta and Indonesia in general?

Nyimas: Skateboarding here is minor in Indonesia, so in Jakarta we try to make it loud so that the world can notice us here.

GEO: You wear the hijab under your helmet when you skate. Does your faith inspire your skateboarding and if so how?

Nyimas: Sure it does indeed. How? Cause my faith teaches me equality of human beings and balance. It teaches me how to bring love and goodness to the universe. Same as skateboarding, spreading good vibes to everyone.

GEO: Your skate videos on Instagram often have rad metal music in them! How did you get into metal music and which bands are you favorite?

Nyimas: Metal music represents the movement of my skateboard journey which needs to be heard. My favorites are Trendkill Cowboys Rebellion and Cokelat (Indonesian Local Band). Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park etc.

GEO: What is favorite skate park and why?

Nyimas: Pasar Rebo Skatepark Jakarta. Why? It’s my second home where I feel welcome as skateboarder and it is a park that all extreme sports gather and have fun.

GEO: What do you love about skate competitions? Is it the excitement of competing or the fun of meeting up with your friends?

Nyimas: Competitions are a place for meeting up with friends. The only real competition is within ourselves. How to destroy our fears and mostly our ego.

GEO: Which 3 women skaters are inspiring you the most these days?

Nyimas: Lizzy Armanto, Sky Brown and Mami Tezuka

GEO: We love seeing you rocking your GEO Sheriff Robbie UFO Party t-shirt!! If you were to meet Robbie in real life, which skate trick would you teach him?

Nyimas: Ollie!

GEO: Terima Kasih!!! (Thank you!!!)
You can follow Nyimas on Instagram @nyimasbungacinta
Nyimas is pictured above wearing the GEO Sheriff Robbie UFO Party Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy
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