You Gotta Know: Skylar Chadwick

You Gotta Know: Skylar Chadwick

Skylar is pictured above wearing the Sheriff Robbie UFO Party Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

We first met Skylar Chadwick when she came to a fREE THE STrEETS skate meetup that we threw in Huntington Beach. She rolled in and straightaway climbed onto the roof of the house and dropped in. Fearless AF! Skylar's skating progresses each and every day as she makes brand new lines of tricks look easy. Not only is she a badass, she's one of the friendliest people in the park. That's why this week You Gotta Know: Skylar Chadwick!

GEO: Have you ever had any weird or interesting jobs?

Skylar: I haven’t worked any weird or interesting jobs but I do currently work at Jersey Mike's so u should definitely come visit me LOL. 

GEO: Who inspired you to start skateboarding?

Skylar: My dad was a really good skateboarder and I was a tomboy growing up because I wanted to be just like him. He was the one who taught me how to skate. 

GEO: Does your family support your skateboarding goals?

Skylar: Yeah! Before I had a license my mom would drive me to skate competitions wherever it was that month for CASL comps. 

GEO: It's obvious to us that you are a leader in SoCal’s street scene, do you feel a responsibility to help newbies?

Skylar: I’ve never looked at myself as a leader of SoCals skate scene but as a female skateboarder I try my best to make sure they can feel safe around the park and try to be nice and help them if they want any advice. 

GEO: What skater do you look up to for both their skating and being a good human being? 

Skylar: Samarria Brevard is not only one of the nicest humans ever but also a great skateboarder who also was from riverside and would talk to all the kids and was an awesome person. 

GEO: You roll with an iconic crew from Riverside. How did you guys all meet? Do you guys have a squad name?

Skylar: I honestly met them all at my local hunt park. The first time I met my friends Juno, Jas and Kat was when we were all at the park and came up to me asking to do my eyeliner lolll.

GEO: What would you do if you were the only survivor in a plane crash on a desert island?

Skylar: Probably go swimming for a lil depending on how hurt I was and then make a huge sandcastle 

GEO: What is the last movie you saw in a theater and did you get popcorn?

Skylar: I don’t even remember the last time I was in a movie theatre but I definitely got popcorn. (With that seasoning stuff they sell at the front too)

GEO: What was the last tune you streamed? Why did you play it?

Skylar: I was playing the whole sparks fly album by Miranda Cosgrove because I un-ironically listen to her and I listen to that album at least once a day. 


Skylar is pictured above wearing the Sheriff Robbie UFO Party Tee. Now available at Tillys! Click here to buy)

You can follow Skylar on Instagram @skylarchadwickk

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